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Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Advice/Tips, Travel | 0 comments

Five Days in London – A Guide

Five Days in London – A Guide

What makes London a favorite holiday among people across the world? The answer is probably too many to mention as tourists have many different reasons why they love traveling to the capital of England. For a fact, London is one world renowned tourist attraction as the city has numerous things to offer. There are various activities that one can do and there is something for everyone. London is a perfect place to travel alone, travel as a couple or travel as a group or family as there are different amenities that can be enjoyed by any age group. London itself is a complete city so you really do not need to go anywhere because you will surely find something that would interest you.

Other cities no matter how popular they may be have lesser options in terms of activities that can be enjoyed there, unlike London which is an all in one package where traveling is as easy as it gets. There is innumerable range of activities; so if you think of, it is there for you. The city has numerous architectural masterpieces, natural parks, lots of shopping options, world class restaurants, and last but not the least theme parks, museums etc. The city is even a perfect honeymoon destination or can be an awesome party experience with your friends. London is a big place to explore and so many activities can be done but sometimes one does have the luxury of time. You cannot explore the whole of London in one day, but if you happen to have a week to spare, you can try this itinerary where you will see all the major sights and enjoy a day in Greenwich.

The first day of your will trip is of course for traveling to London and if you happen to come from the other part of the globe, you might as well allocate one whole day for traveling alone. This day will also include check-in at the hotel and setting up your things. If you have the reserved energy you can walk around your hotel area, grab a bite and familiarize yourself with the life in London. But take note that the next day will be the start of your London adventure.

Your second day in London is the first day to actually see and enjoy London so you might as well sleep early the previous night so that you can get up early and start your day at Trafalgar Square. This area is the perfect starting point for your day as the nearby attractions are in walking distance.  The Trafalgar Square is home to Nelson’s Column and you can stay in this area or walk up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. At around 10AM you might want to be ready for the must see attraction which is the Changing of the Guard that will start at 11:15AM. After the parade head off towards the restaurant in the St. James Park and fill your hungry stomach. You can explore the park until the Horse Guards Parade, have your picture taken in the Whitehall, walk until your reach Parliament Square or see Big Ben. You can end your day at Westminster Abbey or ride London Eye which has a long line queue so better be 30 minutes to an hour early.

Day three in London is more relaxed by starting the day at Tower Bridge where you can take pictures or see the exhibition inside. You can spend the whole morning at the Tower of London which has a much better exhibition including the Crown Jewels. After visiting the Tower of London you can ride the bus to take you to St. Paul’s Churchyard where the St. Paul’s Cathedral is located and attend the recommended service around 5 PM to 6 PM. If you do not want to attend the service, you can take another bus to the Covet Garden where plenty of dining choices are available alongside street entertainment and just a couple of minutes walk to the cinema where you could relax a watch a blockbuster.

The Day Four activities will be devoted to appreciation of the arts, history and culture. Start by riding the train to South Kensington and then have your pick from any of the three museums. All three museums are free so might want to choose something that will interest you most. The Natural History Museum is full of replicas of animals from all over the world dating even up to pre-historic times. The Science Museum will interest anyone with technology and development and there’s an IMAX cinema inside. The third museum is The Victoria & Albert Museum which explores the history of art and design but this might be boring for some age groups. Since you will not probably spend anything on any of the museums, you will have enough cash to shop at Harrods and allow yourself to splurge on some shopping and food.

Your fifth day in London is again relaxing because you can take a boat trip to Greenwich. The ride will take about an hour and will show you the best views of The City. You will pass by some of the attractions that you have already visited earlier the week. Once in Greenwich, you have different activity options so better choose only those that interest you. There is the famous old CuttySark clipper ship, the National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College. For lunch, you can walk into the historic town centre where there are plenty of traditional old pubs and tea rooms. After lunch you can take a hassle-free stroll at Greenwich Park for some fantastic views of the London skyline. Anyone interested in astronomy will enjoy at the Royal Observatory with a large planetarium catering several shows a day.

The sixth day will be your last day to enjoy London so better do not miss out seeing the British Museum with exhibits from ancient Egypt, Greece, Italy, Africa and the Orient, including colossal works by the Romans, Greeks and Persians. The museum tour only takes about 2 hours so you have enough time to spend on shopping. The Oxford Street is the best area to buy gifts, souvenirs for family and friends back home. You should also head off towards Regent Street which has more upmarket stores and just near the Piccadilly Circus. You trip to London will not be complete without a photo of yourself standing underneath the Eros fountain.

Just as the first day, your seventh day in London will be for traveling and this is where your week long London vacation ends. During this time, you surely have new memories to bring back home and share with your loved ones.

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