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Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Advice/Tips, Travel | 0 comments

Packing Your Travel Suitcase without Stress

Packing Your Travel Suitcase without Stress

All plans are all set and you’re in the time of waiting for that upcoming holiday trip. You have confirmed all your arrangements from the flight, transportation to accommodations and you have researched well enough from guidebooks and on the internet. But days before the trip, you are still in the dilemma of an empty suitcase with no idea on what to pack.

The first thing that you should consider is the luggage that you are bringing. It is recommended to take only one carry-on and one checked suitcase. If you are on a shorter trip like for a couple of days, you will be okay with only one carry-on and have one additional checked-in bag if going for longer trips. However, you should never have more than one checked-in suitcase wherever in the world you are going especially when you do not have the luxury to pay for porters and you will be the one carrying your luggage all throughout the trip. A recommended luggage is the backpack with wheels or the duffle bags with wheels so that you can carry it when the streets are not concrete.

Now that you have selected your luggage, you can now start putting things inside it. Let’s start with shoes because travelers often have the tendency to bring too much shoes that occupies more space and adds unnecessary weight to your baggage. Try sticking to the basics like bringing a pair of sneakers if you are planning to do outdoor activities, or bring a dressier pair of closed shoes for other formal or semi-formal activities. Avoid bringing every pair that you own as this is very inconvenient when traveling in busy streets.

After the shoes, clothing is the next packing challenge that we face. You cannot bring your whole closet and you cannot always think about your fashion sense the whole time. Just start with the basics like one or two shorts made of light material especially when on a hot climate. Bring enough underwear and socks so you wouldn’t have to do too much laundry while on the road. Choose clothes that can both be used during the day or night and can be mixed and matched when you are in longer trips. Pack a good pair of pants, skirts, shirts and dresses that can provide you with variety but are light enough and can be rolled to occupy less space.

Of course you cannot for your toiletries especially when you are specific about the brands that you use for your body. You can bring all of your toiletries in travel size containers to leave out unneeded weight to your pack. Put all your toiletries in a zip-lock bag so that unnecessary spills can be contained within the bag and will not leak into your luggage.

Planning a travel does not end with just confirming bookings because packing is still included in your activities. If you are going abroad for the holidays, you might as well be prepared with all your necessary belongings but not too much to cause you an expensive fee for excess luggage. Following these packing tips can help you avoid bringing too much or too few items for your trip especially when you do not have extra funds to buy anything or pay for anything not within your budget.

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