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Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Advice/Tips | 0 comments

What You Need To Know When Buying a Printer or Photocopier for You Small Business

What You Need To Know When Buying a Printer or Photocopier for You Small Business

Businesses need to create and duplicate documents. Printers and photocopiers are therefore inevitable in any business. Here are some printer types and specs to check when purchasing a printer for small business.

Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers are ideal for small businesses such as those run from home. These printers are quite affordable compared to laser jet printers. They have a high performance and deliver quality printouts. Inkjet printers have an advantage with regards to printing photographs. They produce high-quality pictures.

The printers are commonly used where large format printing is required.The downside is that inkjet printers are expensive to run for daily use over a prolonged period. The printers also leave ink to dry on the paper. If you are not careful, you can smudge the ink on documents, and this may damage your professional image.

Laser Printers
Laser printers are suitable for busy office environments that print medium to a large number of papers on a daily basis. The offer high-speed printing and produce a high-quality resolution. They allow a business to generate a large number of prints within a short period. Colour laser printer tend to be cheaper in the long-term because of their speed, memory capacity and low cost per page. Unlike many inkjet printers, laser printers are easily networked allowing everyone in the office to use them. The method of printing in laser jets results in clear quality output because they use toners rather than ink directly on paper.

However, inkjets produce better picture quality than laser printers. The laser printers cost more, but their performance is worth it. The monochromes are the most popular of the laser jet printers. Apart from the monochrome printers, there are also color laser printers which cost more than their monochrome counterparts.

All-In-One Printers
The multifunctional printer blends a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine in one device. The advantage to All-In-One printers is that you do not have to buy separate equipment.

Photo Perfect Printing Device
These devices produce high-quality pictures. The main downside to these gadgets is the high cost of the ink cartridges.

Other things that you can look for when buying office printers include portability and whether you want a wired or wireless printer.

Printer specifications
When looking for a business printers, ask the sales person for the printer specifications. Look at the main ones below:
Dots per inch: This affects the quality of print graphics and pictures

Memory: A large memory is crucial if you want a workgroup networked printer

Paper capacity: If you print a large number of documents, you will need a printer with a high paper capacity. You do not want to stand by adding papers when you could be productive elsewhere.

Speed: Normally specified as copies per minute, speed is important especially for an enterprise that deals with large prints.

Office photocopiers
Your photocopy requirements influence the kind of copier you should purchase. Think about the volume and type of copies your business needs. Always assess the number of copies your business makes on a weekly and monthly basis. Determine the kind of paper you intend to use and whether you want a color or black and white copier.

Check for other additional features you may need such as double side copying. Ask yourself if your business needs to incorporate a scanner or fax machine. Depending on size and space you can opt for a desktop photocopier or floor-standing photocopier.

Desktop Photocopier
They are not as small as they sound and will consume a significant amount of space on your desk. The copiers are particularly suited for small to medium sized enterprises with a limited number of users. However, their tray capacity, sorting options and print speed do not compare to those of floor standing copiers. They, however, offer the same image editing features similar to the large photocopiers.

Floor-standing photocopiers
These copiers are best suited for medium to large copying services. They are big stand-alone machines. Their size facilitates large tray capacity and can print large paper formats. Floor-standing copiers are also called multi-function devices because they incorporate a fax machine, printer, and scanner. These features come with optical character recognition software that allows conversion of paper into digital format and facilitate editing. The cost of floor standing copiers elevates proportionally with the number of features.

If you intend to purchase a printer, ensure it delivers the best performance, quality, and speed for your small enterprise. Do not forget quality and durability. Visit XMA Business Solutions for more information and resources.

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