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5 Most Common Reasons for Using Self Storage

5 Most Common Reasons for Using Self Storage

Most people find themselves using self storage units at some point during their lives. Some do so temporarily, while others find that the storage units are a solution to long-term problems. If you visit the Storage City website, you may be able to find more information.

1. Business Applications

A surprising number of businesses are making use of self storage in place of traditional warehouses. The units tend to be much cheaper than renting a warehouse, and they are often more sanitary and convenient as well. The climate control that some units provide can also be beneficial for some businesses.

This is most common with small businesses that only need to store a moderate inventory. They would often find themselves paying for wasted space in a warehouse, so a self storage unit meets all of their needs at a fraction of the cost.

2. Retirement

It is normal to move into a smaller home after retiring. The individuals who do so often need to store some of the possessions that they do not need to use on a regular basis. As long as the storage unit is close to their new home, they can visit it whenever they need to get some of their possessions without needing to worry about filling their home with excessive clutter.

3. Relocation

People who are moving often need a temporary place for their possessions while they relocate. They may not be able to fit everything that they own in their truck to move it all in a single trip, or they may simply want to keep the boxes from piling up until they can organize everything properly. A storage unit provides a temporary home for their extra boxes until they can find the right place to unpack them in their new home.

4. Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning a home is difficult, especially when it is full of clutter. Often, the best way to get it clean is to move everything out of the house, clean the walls and floor, then clean the other objects as they go back inside. Most people simply do not have the ability to clean their entire house in that way during a single day, so they need to store some of their property until they can clean it and bring it back inside. Putting it in a self storage unit makes sure that it stays out of the way without getting damaged.

5. Seasonal Storage

Some items are only useful for part of the year. This is often the case with gardening equipment and athletic supplies during the winter, or cold weather gear during the warmer months. Many people choose to use self storage units on a seasonal basis to make sure that those items can stay in a safe place until they become useful once again.

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4 Reasons to Consider Short-Term Housing

4 Reasons to Consider Short-Term Housing

As with most items in the marketplace, there are housing situations to meet all needs. Generally, the focus is on long-term rentals or buying, but there is also a considerable market for short term, furnished housing rentals.

1. New to the Area

When moving to a new area, it takes time to learn your way around and figure out the neighborhood scenes. Taking the time to rent short term gives you the opportunity to check things out. It may be that you and your family are particularly interested in outdoor activities. Maybe you want take out or like to eat out every night. Or, maybe you want a walkable neighborhood where walking to the store or restaurant is a simple proposition. Taking the time to live in a short term situation first allows you to check these things out before committing.

2. Business Assignment

As the economy continues to change, short term job assignments that are away from home have become more common. A consultant may set up shop for a few months in to work on a project such as planning a conference or reviewing an IT proposal. Managers may be assigned to a different office for specific reasons. Project managers are often required to go to a different site to plan or implement an assignment. Businesses rent short term, furnished apartments for employees to call home for the time of the assignment. This can increase employee satisfaction not found with an average business trip.

3. Just Starting Out or Starting Over

In some cases, it may be more economical to rent a short term, furnished apartment than to go through the process of buying furniture and establishing utilities. Since short term rentals are all inclusive, the worry is taken out of the process. The rental allows you to get your feet on the ground and save a bit of money before spending it on furniture and deposits in addition to rent. For those of you interested, the Premiere Suites website has more information available.

4. Waiting to Close

Another instance when a short term rental is an excellent option is during a housing transition. Selling and buying a home has many moving pieces. Often the timing does not align and sellers find themselves in limbo for a period of time. An excellent option is to rent a short term, furnished unit that allows you to keep your furniture in a storage situation.

Regardless of the reason, short term rentals can provide an excellent option for people who are on business trips or in some sort of life transition. They come in all sizes and price levels for corporate or family living.

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What You Need To Know When Buying a Printer or Photocopier for You Small Business

What You Need To Know When Buying a Printer or Photocopier for You Small Business

Businesses need to create and duplicate documents. Printers and photocopiers are therefore inevitable in any business. Here are some printer types and specs to check when purchasing a printer for small business.

Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers are ideal for small businesses such as those run from home. These printers are quite affordable compared to laser jet printers. They have a high performance and deliver quality printouts. Inkjet printers have an advantage with regards to printing photographs. They produce high-quality pictures.

The printers are commonly used where large format printing is required.The downside is that inkjet printers are expensive to run for daily use over a prolonged period. The printers also leave ink to dry on the paper. If you are not careful, you can smudge the ink on documents, and this may damage your professional image.

Laser Printers
Laser printers are suitable for busy office environments that print medium to a large number of papers on a daily basis. The offer high-speed printing and produce a high-quality resolution. They allow a business to generate a large number of prints within a short period. Colour laser printer tend to be cheaper in the long-term because of their speed, memory capacity and low cost per page. Unlike many inkjet printers, laser printers are easily networked allowing everyone in the office to use them. The method of printing in laser jets results in clear quality output because they use toners rather than ink directly on paper.

However, inkjets produce better picture quality than laser printers. The laser printers cost more, but their performance is worth it. The monochromes are the most popular of the laser jet printers. Apart from the monochrome printers, there are also color laser printers which cost more than their monochrome counterparts.

All-In-One Printers
The multifunctional printer blends a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine in one device. The advantage to All-In-One printers is that you do not have to buy separate equipment.

Photo Perfect Printing Device
These devices produce high-quality pictures. The main downside to these gadgets is the high cost of the ink cartridges.

Other things that you can look for when buying office printers include portability and whether you want a wired or wireless printer.

Printer specifications
When looking for a business printers, ask the sales person for the printer specifications. Look at the main ones below:
Dots per inch: This affects the quality of print graphics and pictures

Memory: A large memory is crucial if you want a workgroup networked printer

Paper capacity: If you print a large number of documents, you will need a printer with a high paper capacity. You do not want to stand by adding papers when you could be productive elsewhere.

Speed: Normally specified as copies per minute, speed is important especially for an enterprise that deals with large prints.

Office photocopiers
Your photocopy requirements influence the kind of copier you should purchase. Think about the volume and type of copies your business needs. Always assess the number of copies your business makes on a weekly and monthly basis. Determine the kind of paper you intend to use and whether you want a color or black and white copier.

Check for other additional features you may need such as double side copying. Ask yourself if your business needs to incorporate a scanner or fax machine. Depending on size and space you can opt for a desktop photocopier or floor-standing photocopier.

Desktop Photocopier
They are not as small as they sound and will consume a significant amount of space on your desk. The copiers are particularly suited for small to medium sized enterprises with a limited number of users. However, their tray capacity, sorting options and print speed do not compare to those of floor standing copiers. They, however, offer the same image editing features similar to the large photocopiers.

Floor-standing photocopiers
These copiers are best suited for medium to large copying services. They are big stand-alone machines. Their size facilitates large tray capacity and can print large paper formats. Floor-standing copiers are also called multi-function devices because they incorporate a fax machine, printer, and scanner. These features come with optical character recognition software that allows conversion of paper into digital format and facilitate editing. The cost of floor standing copiers elevates proportionally with the number of features.

If you intend to purchase a printer, ensure it delivers the best performance, quality, and speed for your small enterprise. Do not forget quality and durability. Visit XMA Business Solutions for more information and resources.

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ICBC Mode of Settlement after a Car Accident

ICBC Mode of Settlement after a Car Accident

An accident due to another person’s negligence affects your career and family in a big way. The injured deserves compensation to put their lives on track and cover the damages caused by a car accident. ICBC provides coverage depending on the severity of the injury, the type of damage, and the duration it takes to resolve. ICBC lawyer works to pressurize the injured to accept the lowest possible compensation. Therefore, the injured should consider getting a personal injury lawyer before talking to the ICBC about the incident.

Recording Information after the Accident

The injured should get the necessary information after an accident, which serves as the point of reference while getting compensation. The injured uses the information gathered to make ICBC claims. The injured should collect the following information:

• Take pictures of the car accident scene and the extent of damage to the vehicle.
• Exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident- the information includes names, address, driver’s license number, and phone number.
• Ask information about the accident from a nearby onlooker and record their contact and information.
• Give information on the weather, driving conditions, and the time of the day.
• Record the badge number of the police officer who attended to the accident scene.
• Record the passenger information.
• Refrain from discussing fault with the other driver or anyone at the accident scene.
• See a doctor within a day or two after the accident.

Making an ICBC Statement

Report the claim to ICBC within 24 hours after the accident occurred. An adjuster from the corporation is keen to get every detail about the incident, and they may sometimes use the information from the report to minimize the coverage. ICBC can deny compensation if they collect evidence that the injured is in breach of the insurance contract. Some of the alleged violations include hit and run, racing, DUI, leaving the accident scene, fraud, false statement, and failure to cooperate with ICBC and to evade police officers. Therefore, it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer before making a report to the ICBC.


Anyone injured in car accidents should get ICBC settlements on general and special damages, past and future loss of income following a car accident, trust claims, and cost of future care. ICBC also provides compensations for death benefits and funeral expenses. The amount of compensation that the person receives depends on who is at fault for the accident. If you are seeking more information, you will be able to appreciate the resources at the Preszler Law Firm website.

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Choosing an appropriate Apartment Location

Choosing an appropriate Apartment Location

Furnished apartments are suitable for people who cannot afford to buy an apartment. They are also suitable for tenants who for some reason want to rent out an apartment for a short time, say few months. The process of moving is stressful because of the activities involved such as packing, transportation, and unpacking. However, with furnished apartments, relocating becomes easy because you don’t carry appliances, fixtures, and furniture. Moving to a new apartment is exciting. However, the process of finding a well-furnished apartment can be daunting.

Determining your needs
Furnished apartments provide different facilities. Begin by asking yourself what you require or what will make you comfortable. Make a list of your needs then go out to get an apartment that will suit your needs. There are various types of short term rental apartments such as a studio apartment, convertible studio, duplex or triplex, and alcove studio. You just need to choose the type that suits your needs.

How to find an excellent apartment location
The location of an apartment is crucial because you need to live in a comfortable and secure place. Here are factors that will guide you when choosing a suitable apartment location in Vancouver.

Noise level
Consider how close the apartment is to noise sources. If the apartment allows pets, then you can be sure there will be noise especially when dogs bark. Additionally, apartments that are close to airports, railroad tracks or a fire station will be noisy. You can expect noise at any time of the day or night if the rental space is located next to such noise sources.

Crime rates
Is the furnished apartment situated in a high crime area? Research well to find out if the area is prone to crimes. A location with a high crime rate is a huge detriment to rent, for your safety. It also increases insurance rates.

Proximity to social amenities and place of work
The apartment building should be close to your bank branch, grocery store, hospitals, or restaurants. If you have to travel for long distances to access essential services, factor in the fuel costs into your budget. Make sure the location is also close to your place of work, your vacation destination or the university.

Laundry and security facilities
Consider if the building has its laundry facilities. The time and energy used to travel to a Laundromat can outweigh the good location or the low monthly rate. The building security should be considered. A great apartment ought to have a good security system to access the building. A secure apartment is appropriate for a tenant.

Make a list of these concerns and consider them when selecting an apartment location. Take your time to decide, rather than making quick decisions. Remember that just because an apartment has a low monthly rate, it does not mean it is the right choice for you. If you visit Premiere Suites, you can find more resources for a better understanding.

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