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What to Look for in the Sales Industry

What to Look for in the Sales Industry

The sales industry has been fairly calm for a long time in regards to employees. There were either full-time sales employees that received standard benefits such as sick and vacation time, health and retirement plans. Full-time sales personnel typically receives a salary plus commissions. Those that were not full-time typically receives straight commission and no benefits. However, change, as with all other industries, is inevitable. Here are some of the current trends that are on the rise within the sales industry for the headhunter.

Inside Sales Reps

Activity demands and cost are the two main factors causing a rise in the number of inside sales reps on job posting boards. Outside sales reps typically cost more to employ due to travel expenses. Additionally, inside sales reps can have more activity in a typical working day than that of an outside sales rep.

Commission Free

Many consumers have a sense of suspicion when they know that anyone working in a sales job makes a commission on the sales they make. They question if the salesperson is more interested in making money, or providing the customer with the best value. With this in mind, many employers are switching to a flat salary over commission sales to regain consumer trust.

Part-time and Independent Sales Professionals

Employing full-time sales recruiters, headhunter Vancouver, or any other title there may be for those working in a sales job continues to grow annually. This is why many employers are hiring more part-time and independent sales professionals, allowing the employer to have more sales professionals working for them without the cost of having full-time employees.

Human Interaction

Even though more and more people are shopping online, consumers still want human interaction. Just as telephony is becoming less automated, the sales industry is listening to consumer comments, bringing more sales jobs to create that human interaction consumers want.

Increased Employer Hiring Activity

Many employers are prioritizing their hiring activity and goals. 63% are planning on their hiring volume to increase in the coming months and 46% are increasing their hiring budgets as well. This does not indicate an increase in full-time employees, however. With trends leaning towards part-time and independent sales professionals, it’s more likely that employers will be looking to increase their talent pipelines without the costs of hiring full-time employees.

As you can see with these latest trends, the sales industry is about to become much more interesting.

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Climatic changes in different parts of the world have devastating effects on the living conditions of the people. During the winter season, people may encounter significant effects due to the formation of snow in the roads as well the effects of the cold air at very low temperatures. To evade from this kind of limitations, you should deal with the Vancouver car rental for better provision of better and reliable services.

About Vancouver Travel Services

The Vancouver is considered to be among the highest ranked travel service providers especially in times of winter. Many trips are delayed by the climatic conditions during the cold season mainly because of the formation of snow on the roads. However, there come times when you need to arrive your destination in time. Thus, you require booking transport services from the Vancouver car rental sector. You need to visit the Vancouver’s online portal or website and apply for the transportation services in time and therefore, end up securing a chance.

The cars from the Vancouver are seen to be comfortable and convenient for the trip transport services in the cold season. Some vehicles from other companies may fail to move over the snow spreading all over the roads, thus involving them in your trip they may result in delays. Contrary to this, the Vancouver cars are designed with wheels that are capable of moving with the highest speed without getting barred by the snow formed on the roads.

Preparing for Your Trip

Before making the actual trip, you need to lay down all the strategies regarding the hiring of the best car from the Vancouver sector. Cars from the later are seen to be cost efficient, and the hiring costs are appropriate for every individual. Also, it offers a discount on all vehicles and also price guarantee to all their clients. Their cars are also designed in a better way that ensures comfort for the customers.

The Vancouver is characterized by the snow-capped mountains, world-class museums, and many other attractive sites. On your trip to this kind of site, you should hire a Vancouver car which provides a better exploration of the attraction sites in the very suitable manner. Also, once you hire the car, the Vancouver organization offers you a reputable driver who is capable of transporting to the destinations you require. Through this, your business as well vacation trip emerges to be a success.


Finally, the Vancouver rental car offers its vehicles at a cost effective price of approximately $21 each day depending on the type of vehicle hired. However, the hiring cost may turn to be much for some individuals, thus before making any trip you need to change your car tires. It can be achieved via the replacement of the old tires with ones that can serve well during the winter tour. Thus, to make your business or vocational trip a success you need to ensure the involvement of the Vancouver rental cars.

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How to Avoid Bad Moving Companies In Vancouver

How to Avoid Bad Moving Companies In Vancouver

People move for a variety of reasons, but in the final analysis, all these reasons can be reduced to two: they either want to move or have to move.

How the process is approached depends on how much advance notice those moving have received. Those who are compelled to move for some reason, such as relocation for a job or because a lease is expiring and the landlord does not wish to renew it, sometimes have to get organized quickly and make a substantial series of rapid decisions based on the best information available to them at the time these decisions are necessary.

People in this scenario can be vulnerable to unscrupulous movers. An easy tip off that you may be dealing with one of these is if you perceive any pressure from the movers to commit immediately. If you start hearing phrases such as, “We’re very busy on that date, you need to let us know right away or you may not be able to find a mover,” or anything that feels like pressure of any sort, eliminate that mover from consideration.

Moving companies know, and have known for a long time, that most moves take place at the beginning or the end of the month and around long weekends. More people move during the summer months than during any other time of the year, for both climatic and educational reasons. Just as retail stores and companies like FedX and UPS know they will be busier around Christmas, moving companies are familiar with the peaks and valleys of the demand for their services. They simply hire more manpower at these times, frequently from temporary employment agencies. They can also rent additional moving trucks with little effort.

A reputable mover in Vancouver will start out by asking you for some basic information: when you need to move, what is being moved, and when the new location will be available. They will also offer to do an on-site estimate of the origin and destination of the move. Telephone and online estimates can be useful, but nothing beats the feet on the ground approach when it comes to making sure that such details as overhead clearance for moving trucks or weight restrictions on roads that could lead to a costly mistake.

They will also take the time to advise you regarding the desired level of service. Some moves involve the moving party simply leaving one place and showing up at the next; others have the moving party involved in planning and packing and others use the moving company’s services for only heavy and bulky items.

Avoid movers who do not allow you the flexibility to determine the parameters for your own move.

The moving process becomes much less stressful when more advance notice of an impending move is available. For example, if you are selling one house close to the end of the month and taking possession of a new one toward the beginning of that same month, you have the luxury of time to compare moving company estimates and make some decisions regarding items that have long outlived their usefulness and can be discarded. You also can negotiate for a rate reduction, since the movers will not be in as high a demand as they would otherwise be during the peak times mentioned earlier.

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Economic Benefits of Tourism

Economic Benefits of Tourism

The city of Vancouver, like most major cities in the world, has experienced a rapid expansion in the growth of jobs involving computer technology. Tourism has likewise contributed to the growth of other industries like the restaurants, hotels, touring services and car rentals. The city has been praised for the excellent service of their public transportation system, including the airport which makes the place an easy favorite among tourist destinations.

The major sites in the city include Stanley Park which opened in the 1900s. The park was named after the Governor General of Canada at the time, Lord Stanley. It is one of the most famous parks in the country and is a great place to view nature at its finest. There are trails that go all over the area which is suitable for walking, cycling, running and rollerblading. Beaver Lake is a natural water form that can be found near the center of the park.

The park features a lot of sites for family activities like picnic areas, playgrounds, trains, an outdoor pool and a water park. A seawall borders one perimeter of the park while the Rose Garden which houses around 3500 varieties of roses and other ornamental plants, can be found near a historic building, the Pavilion. The beauty of city parks lies in their accessibility – it gives you a chance to cool down and unwind after experiencing the hurried energy of the city. While summer is considered the best time to explore the park, the place is so beautiful that tourists frequent  it the whole year round.

There are also a lot of museums and galleries that are worth visiting while in the area just like the Vancouver Art Gallery and Scienceworld. With all these places of interest, it’s no surprise that the city ranks high in the list of the best places to live in the world. The fair climate and great surrounding makes the living conditions superior than other major cities. Experts have consistently recognized it  as a great choice to live in because it nurtures linguistic and ethnic diversity. It also presents a good opportunity for new businesses to thrive in and maintains impressive standards in housing and education.

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Discovering the Sights and Sounds of Vancouver

Discovering the Sights and Sounds of Vancouver

There are a lot of sights and places to visit in Vancouver. It is a place that offers diverse opportunities for both outdoor and urban activities. On one hand, the rugged terrain and great landscape beckons to individuals who enjoy the outdoors and on the other, cosmopolitan adventure awaits those who enjoy city life. Fine dining restaurants, shopping outlets, galleries, museums and theatres abound in different places.

There are markets to shop in the whole year round just like Granville Island’s public market with its impressive display of abundant fresh produce, baked goods, seafood and meat products. The island is a pleasant place to visit and has a lot of small novelty shops that sell unique items and other memorabilia.

Guests can take in the Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park. It is now home to around 70,000 amazing sea creatures that can be found in the planet. There are side shows that feature beluga whales, sea lions and otters, and dolphins. Children will enjoy the sight of moon jellies, sea turtles, octopus, sharks and moray eels.

Spending time outdoors is just as enjoyable with camping trips to book, mountain trails to take on, and private spas and wellness clubs to discover. A must-experience is the Capilano Suspension Bridge which stretches to 450 feet high above a canyon and a river. After crossing the bridge, you can take in the thriving forest that surrounds the area and check out a number of other suspension bridges in the Treetops Adventure. Another great natural attraction is Grouse Mountain which is just a few minutes away from the downtown area.

Any of these places and activities will make you realize that the trip is definitely worth it. There are lots more treasures that you’ll stumble on as you make your way around the city. You can ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages that go around Stanley Park. The park has trails that are great for cycling, hiking, and rollerblading. Bicycle rentals along with helmets and locks are located all over the place. If you want a more relaxing time, you can book a trip with Harbour Cruises to experience sightseeing from a unique vantage point.

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Booking Online or with Your Local Travel Agent?

Booking Online or with Your Local Travel Agent?

Traveling has transformed to be an industry offering great convenience to its clients where reservations can now be made online giving you access wherever and whenever it may be. In the past decades, making travel arrangements were limited to thru travel agencies where you need to sit down with an agent and discuss your travel preferences. Nowadays, you can easily go online, check travel websites and book your arrangements yourself. However, online bookings do not always guarantee your dream vacation so it is only wise to look at the pros and cons of booking online yourself compared to going to your local travel agent.

Online booking is the best way to get flexibility of reserving when your local agency is closed. There are situations when you need to make reservations and bookings during off duty hours and you can only do this online. Once you have booked your trip all by yourself, you will feel proud because you have handled everything on your own. Making online bookings could also save you time, money and effort because you don’t need to commute to meet a travel agent when bookings can be done on your own, anytime you want and whenever area you may be. There is also a chance to get cheaper rates through online reservations as some sellers offer deals and discounts, and if you go online, you are sure to access a vast range of information that would be helpful for planning your trip.

But not all online bookings are successful especially when you are a less frequent traveler as you could end up reserving something that you will not be pleased with. Many websites only show the good side that could easily entice online clients but the actual place is far than what is posted online. And since you have to make the bookings yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself when something goes wrong or your trip didn’t turn out the way you expected it to be.

On the contrary, booking with a local travel agent can be advantageous when you are a newbie in the field of traveling. Hiring the services of a travel agent will give you a stress-free experience and the professionals are well experienced in making bookings and reservations. These agents will be there to support you all the way from the beginning until the end of your trip and you can easily contact them when something goes out of plan. A travel agent is a good person to get proper information that may be sometimes withheld from you when you are making your own arrangements.

But when hiring a local agent to do your bookings, keep in mind that you might be paying a little more for their service fee especially with airline tickets. You should also be careful in checking the reputation of the travel agent as you might end up hiring an agent that is less knowledgeable about the travel industry.

Every traveler has their own preference and this can determine if they need to hire a local travel agent to make arrangements for them or they can book the trip by themselves.

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