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Common Paper Shredding Misconceptions

Common Paper Shredding Misconceptions

In Vancouver, widespread misconceptions fill offices regarding paper shredding. Such misinformation has led to the continuing increase in identity theft and inefficiency. Additional knowledge and clarifications on paper shredding services Vancouver are, therefore, important. Listed below are some common misconceptions about shredding.

Recycling is as legal as paper shredding
On the surface, it might seem like recycling is as effective as shredding since it also destroys the lettering, turning it into something else. When it comes to recycling confidential information, the problem lies in the number of hands involved in this process. Most general recycling companies do not undergo security screening, and they are rarely trained in security measures. It is easy for an employee to pick and read a piece of paper since workers usually dump all the paper onto the floor of a warehouse, only to bale the pile at a later time. Recycling companies take no measures to ensure workers do not read or keep such papers. More hands sort through the baled paper once it is transported to a pulp plant, which also increases the chances that an unscrupulous person might access some of your sensitive information.

It is impossible to recycle shredded paper
Just because the shredded paper is in small pieces does not mean recycling is impossible. As a matter of fact, most professional paper shredding service providers usually bale and ship shredded paper to recycling plants.

You do not have enough waste paper to benefit from paper shredding services
According to a 2006-2007 FaCSIA sustainability report, an average employee uses 10,000-20,000 pieces of paper every year, which means a company with a single worker fills a small sized bin every other month. Using a professional provider of shredding services in Vancouver helps you to save both time and money. Compared to using one employee to perform an internal paper shredding exercise for only five minutes every day, using a professional to shred the same amount of paper on a monthly basis saves you more than two hours every month while costing about half the price. As such, the amount of time and money large companies can save is much higher.

Office shredders are easy to use and safe
By taking a closer look at almost every other type of office shredder, regardless of the model, you will most likely notice small symbols crossing out long hair, neckties, and a few other things. Not only are office shredders unsafe, but many models also have dust issues. When you engage a professional shredding service provider for your shredding requirements, performing the exercise is usually in a safely secured environment to reduce the potential for accidents, indoor air contamination due to dust particles, and exposure of sensitive information. There are additional resources at Shred-it, which may help you learn more information.

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Raffaello D’Andrea’s Masterful TED Presentation In Vancouver

Raffaello D’Andrea’s Masterful TED Presentation In Vancouver

During a recent TED Talk, drones Canada quite literally assumed center stage. Talented Raffaello D’Andrea, a noted expert in the developing technology of airborne robotics, thrilled audiences with a flamboyant presentation highlighting the capabilities of tiny flying machines. He displayed several impressive research models.

The craft on display ranged from a “tailsitter” hovering proto-aircraft to two single-propeller driven “monospinners”. The delighted gathering reacted in amazement when the speaker showed everyone a symmetrical cube enclosing eight linked propellers. This complex “omnicopter” drone possesses the ability to fly through space in any direction and to tip and hover at all angles. Raffaello D’Andrea concluded his presentation with a stunning example of the artistic potential of a fleet of tiny mini drones to use space as a canvas for exercises showcasing illuminated flying sculptures and shifting patterns. His TED Talk earned resounding applause.

A Lucrative Industry

Dr. D’Andrea told the audience that very soon, the developing drone field will give birth to a multi-billion dollar industry, as human beings embrace the potential capabilities of drones more fully. In the beginning of his discussion, a TED presentation delivered in Vancouver, he showed brief video clips of drones assembling a structure and cooperating to wind cords together. He noted that these machines, which once appealed mainly to hobbyists, currently also attract the interest of journalists, environmentalists, inspectors and film industry photographers.

Based on his discussion, Canadian viewers should anticipate a variety of serious drone applications gaining wider attention during the next decade. Dr. D’Andrea did not discuss potential applications of the new technology in detail. Yet viewers can easily envision many practical uses for drones based on his demonstration.

New Venues

As the capacity of drones to enhance safety and safeguard environmental resources grows clearer, perhaps these flying machines will soon perform a wide array of useful tasks in Canada. Some constructive potential applications include:

These, and many more, intriguing uses of drones will likely gain wider popularity in the near future.

Prepare For Changes

Canada’s nascent drone industry holds great potential to transform many fields during the next few years. Already, this new industry presents tantalizing prospects for important innovations.


Here’s a the full video:

Drones in the presentation are provided by Dr. Drone

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Things To Consider Before Hiring An Office Cleaning Service

Things To Consider Before Hiring An Office Cleaning Service


As a business owner, there are certain jobs and tasks you must handle to keep your office in good condition. Not only should the office be clean for you and your employees, but a clean, good looking office will make a good impression on clients that come to visit. For these reasons, you must keep your office clean and fresh. While you could clean the office yourself, you need to focus your attention on your business and clients. This is when a cleaning company that provides office cleaning Vancouver services comes in handy.

A cleaning company that provides excellent and professional office cleaning services can keep your office looking its best. When you hire the help of a professional cleaning company to clean and maintain your business’ office, you can be confident that your office will always be clean and look professional. A clean office is a reflection of a responsible and professional business. Because of this, a cleaning company can perform all the jobs that keep your office looking great. Before you hire a cleaning company, though, you are going to need to do your research. Not all cleaning companies are the same, and you’ll want to hire one that provides superior customer satisfaction. In order for you to find the best cleaning company, here are some helpful tips.

Do You Research

Never go to the phone book and choose the first cleaning company you come across. While this may be simple, you won’t necessarily be getting a good cleaning company. Instead, use the internet. The internet makes it easy for you to research different cleaning companies so you can easily find the right one for your specific needs.

Ask For Certifications And Experience

Once you have chosen a cleaning company, you must interview them. Ask the company about their certifications and experience. Have them show you proof of their cleaning credentials. The best cleaning companies will be happy to give you this information.

Check For Insurance

You never want to hire an uninsured cleaning company. Any legitimate and professional cleaning company will have insurance, and those are the ones you want to hire to clean your office. No insurance, no office cleaning job.

Thoroughly Analyze Contract

Once your chosen cleaning company has satisfied you with their answers to your questions, you are going to have to sign a contract. When you do, make sure that your thoroughly understand everything that is written on it. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting from this cleaning company. People have been known to have issues with their chosen cleaning company because of not reading the contract.

There are a lot of jobs and responsibilities that go along with being a business owner. One of those important responsibilities is keeping the office looking good and feeling clean. Since you do not have time to clean the office yourself, why not hire an office cleaning company? An office cleaning company will keep your office in its best condition so that you, your employees, and all your clients and visitors can enjoy an organized and well kept office. With the help of an office cleaning company, your office will exude an aura or true professionalism.

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Top Places to Visit when Sightseeing in Vancouver

Top Places to Visit when Sightseeing in Vancouver

Summer is not the only time best to travel, if you’re looking for the perfect getaway, sightseeing in Vancouver would be the best choice. It’s simple and inexpensive to discover all Vancouver has to offer using public transit. You can find plenty of fantastic locations to explore. Considered one of Vancouver’s major property is it’s natural westcoast beauty. Thankfully, much of Vancouver’s SkyTrain line runs on tracks elevated above the city offering some great views, and offering tourists with a price effective technique to see this glorious city.

 In case your accommodations are downtown I suggest taking a trip on the Expo line starting at any of Waterfront, Granville or Stadium Station, whichever is the closet to you accommodations. Though the Expo line is a subway to start out, it shortly ascends above the city and passes some well known Vancouver landmarks. Look ahead to Telus World of Science and the BC Place Stadium when the train climbs above ground.

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Volunteering in Canada – Giving Back to Our Great Nation

Volunteering in Canada – Giving Back to Our Great Nation

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world with lots of beauty and attractive offerings. Its various provinces offer interesting but harmonic diversities that draw many from far and near for an exotic exposure. Tourists and businessmen come in large numbers every year for a fantastic experience in some way or other.

Although a developed nation, Canada has much to work on in many areas to keep up with the high standard of living and progressive technologies that impact lifestyles and business operations. It is not surprising then to note the increasing need of manpower to upkeep the ecosystem and wealth of the country. Hence, volunteering in Canada has become a second nature to conscientious citizens who are mindful of their responsibility towards their nation’s wellbeing.

However, volunteer work does not limit to the patriotic Canadians alone. Non-citizens in the form of tourists, students on study visas and retirees are known to be active participants of volunteering in Canada.

With the vast diversity of wealth, riches and beauty offered in Canada, volunteering becomes an ideal way to explore and discover these and more while establishing long lasting friendships or even soul mates come as a bonus.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a nation with diverse landscapes, climate, culture and history, there is a host of volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in this field. There is always aneed for volunteers in Canada with the plethora of modern development and changes in lifestyle, business and society trends.

The Internet is an excellent platform in sourcing for the best volunteer programs in Canada. It is like choosing a dream job; without pay. But there is a high degree of self fulfillment and satisfaction in a well participated volunteer program; and Canada does not disappoint with its myriad of exciting opportunities. One can consider non-governmental organizations that handle a host of activities from nature protection to elderly care in hospices.

Volunteering in Canada in any field allows the volunteer to mature in character while building up good virtues as a person. The young and energetic can indulge in volunteer programs that require active participation such as working with the underprivileged children, orphans or conservation programs.

Tips on Making the Most of Your Volunteering

Any volunteer in a Canadian volunteer program must be aware of certain guidelines and practices to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Following a couple of helpful tips would assure the volunteers a delightful participation regardless of the time and area of indulgence.

It is advisable to check out the best volunteer organizations and programs available before signing on, on websites like this. Different volunteer programs have different terms and conditions which should be read and understood to comply fully for a successful stint; these include different lengths of volunteering commitments, accommodation considerations, scope of work and other people you will be working with. Volunteers should be mindful of the changing weather and diverse environments to select appropriate areas for charity work.

When a volunteer performs well, high honor is attributed to the participant and more opportunities would open in various quarters. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the society when one has enjoyed a plethora of benefits from it. This noble approach in life indeed makes the world a better place for one and all.

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Picking the Right Travel Agency

Picking the Right Travel Agency

Whether it’s the holidays or the off peak season, you can have the trip of a lifetime when you have made the perfect travel arrangements. However, not everyone has the time to put all their efforts into planning a trip and most of the time would only rely to the services of a travel agent. Your trip will not be as what you expect it to be when you have not selected the right travel agency that can make your dream vacation into a reality.

Travel agencies do have the notion of being “more expensive” but they are actually booking you the best deals possible from every supplier they know. These services though do come with a charge but a good travel agency will be worth all the money you pay as they are saving you the hassle of spending too much time, money and frustration in making all the travel arrangements. There are many travel agencies out there; some have reliable reputations while others are known for scams. Finding the right one is crucial especially when there too many in the industry.

So how do you pick one from all the businesses out there? First of all you must research to prevent you from making bad choices. Try to ask recommendations from your family and friends because one of them might have acquired the services from a good or bad agent. People you know are reliable sources of information as they will gladly share their travel experiences especially when they have hired a travel agent to arrange their trip. You can ask them if how the trip went, was the travel smooth and organized, where they booked into comfortable accommodations and other details that would help you make your decision.

It is recommended to “shop” around and have a couple of choices then trim down the top firms. Picking a travel agency is the same as shopping where you need to look around and select from the choices. Making impulsive decisions is the worst thing that you could so especially when selecting a travel agency because you cannot entrust your travel to an unreliable firm. Do not hesitate to inquire from different agencies, ask their packages, their quotes and a sample of a trip that they have organized. Have the time to talk to a travel agent where you can voice out all your travel preferences like where you plan to stay or what activities you plan to do and if possible ask them to device an itinerary for you. Talking to an agent will allow you to have better judgment of their services.

A good travel agent can easily generate a sample itinerary that describes availability in transportation, accommodations, and estimated costs. If you think that what they offer is limited, do not hesitate to look around from other companies. You can always go back if you think their offer is the best out there but do not close down your options immediately. There will be a right travel agency for you and they can arrange the best trip of your life.

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