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Booking Online or with Your Local Travel Agent?

Booking Online or with Your Local Travel Agent?

Traveling has transformed to be an industry offering great convenience to its clients where reservations can now be made online giving you access wherever and whenever it may be. In the past decades, making travel arrangements were limited to thru travel agencies where you need to sit down with an agent and discuss your travel preferences. Nowadays, you can easily go online, check travel websites and book your arrangements yourself. However, online bookings do not always guarantee your dream vacation so it is only wise to look at the pros and cons of booking online yourself compared to going to your local travel agent.

Online booking is the best way to get flexibility of reserving when your local agency is closed. There are situations when you need to make reservations and bookings during off duty hours and you can only do this online. Once you have booked your trip all by yourself, you will feel proud because you have handled everything on your own. Making online bookings could also save you time, money and effort because you don’t need to commute to meet a travel agent when bookings can be done on your own, anytime you want and whenever area you may be. There is also a chance to get cheaper rates through online reservations as some sellers offer deals and discounts, and if you go online, you are sure to access a vast range of information that would be helpful for planning your trip.

But not all online bookings are successful especially when you are a less frequent traveler as you could end up reserving something that you will not be pleased with. Many websites only show the good side that could easily entice online clients but the actual place is far than what is posted online. And since you have to make the bookings yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself when something goes wrong or your trip didn’t turn out the way you expected it to be.

On the contrary, booking with a local travel agent can be advantageous when you are a newbie in the field of traveling. Hiring the services of a travel agent will give you a stress-free experience and the professionals are well experienced in making bookings and reservations. These agents will be there to support you all the way from the beginning until the end of your trip and you can easily contact them when something goes out of plan. A travel agent is a good person to get proper information that may be sometimes withheld from you when you are making your own arrangements.

But when hiring a local agent to do your bookings, keep in mind that you might be paying a little more for their service fee especially with airline tickets. You should also be careful in checking the reputation of the travel agent as you might end up hiring an agent that is less knowledgeable about the travel industry.

Every traveler has their own preference and this can determine if they need to hire a local travel agent to make arrangements for them or they can book the trip by themselves.

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Staying in Aria Hotel – Las Vegas

Staying in Aria Hotel – Las Vegas

The Aria hotel and casino in Las Vegas is a symphony of spas, suites and star chef meals. The hotel features a dramatic interior and an amazing mark of art in every step of the building. It is a unique top of the line resort located right in the heart of the popular fun filled Las Vegas city. The hotel has an extensive spa and salon that include special areas for couples looking for a romantic getaway, a world class fitness center, and retail area with a number of shops and 3 great seasonal pools.

Here are some observations from my trip to Aria Las Vegas.

The suites

The suites provide a great setting with custom furnishings. Separate living, master and powder rooms. The bathroom is serene with spa like environment for maximum relaxation. The amenities in the suite are unmatched and comprise of things such as modern room entertainment systems that help in setting the right mood. The rooms also provide the stunning views of the city of Las Vegas through the ceiling to floor windows.

Night Life

The hotel features quiet bars that can be used for chats with old friends over a couple of drinks as well as trendy piano bars and lunges where you can make new friends and bring the night to life. The hotel has partnered with another player to create the ultimate nightclub with unmatched excitement and unrivaled energy in the sensual atmosphere and amazing light. The music is handled by international DJs to cater for all music and dance enthusiasts.

Salon and Spa

Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas boasts of a large 80,000 square foot Salon and spa that has 112 rooms for treatment, full service salon, private spas, and a modern fitness center. The spa has an amazing outdoor infinity edge pool located in the spa balcony. There is special Shio Salt room that has elegant design with an illuminated salt brick wall which provides a serene place to relax and unwind after a day of fun or an energetic lively night.


Some of the amenities offered by the hotel include but not limited to Wi-Fi, free parking for the guest, swimming pool, fitness center, casino with all favorite games, an exquisite spa, a business center and great conference facilities. In addition to the great amenities, the hotel also feature star chefs who will ensure that the guests’ appetites are taken care of through the wide range of internationals cuisines made up of great food and drinks.

As you can see, the Aria is an amazing property and we have only had time to hit the tip of the iceberg.  The Aria is truly world class and a “must see” property on your next visit to Las Vegas.

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Stay at the Stratosphere Las Vegas

Stay at the Stratosphere Las Vegas

Most people have heard about or seen the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and casino because of its strikingly tall tower, but not so many people make it an accommodation choice, which is a shame as it is a really great hotel.  If you stay in one of the higher level rooms, you get really great views of the entire Las Vegas area.  It really appeals to all – those who want to enjoy the nightlife, gamble, or dine out at the many fantastic restaurants on site or nearby.

Here’s some information on the hotel:

Most all of the rooms at the Stratosphere provide the Las Vegas comfort and style that you are accustomed in Vegas, and this hotel is no different – it has comfortable beds and linens, a great work area complete with desk, flat-screen tv and high-speed internet service (addnl fee).

You will find all configurations of rooms that will serve any traveler’s needs.  At the lower end, a popular option is the Strip View Guestroom.  This room is a standard size, but has all the amenities of the nicer rooms, so it can meet every Vegas traveler’s budget.  A larger room is the Premier Guestroom which has a 365-square-foot space and is located on higher floors. This room provides guests with an amazing view of the Sin City’s valley and mountains. The room can have one king size bed or two queen size beds depending on your choice and availability.

There are several room types that are selected based on their level and proximity to various activities:

Pool Level Premier Guestroom – These rooms are near the 8th floor pool deck, and feature all the standard room amenities.

Strip View Premier Guestroom – These rooms offer the best views of the Las Vegas strip, yet have the standard room amenities

Finally, there are a couple of different Luxury room options:

Luxury Spa Guestroom – These rooms feature a modern design, an oversize jetted garden tub, and luxurious King sized bed.  They also include all of the other standard room features.

Luxury Oversized Studio – These rooms are usually located at the higher levels and have oversized expansive windows, giving great views of the mountains and the neon lights of the city.  They also feature a dry bar, and all of the other standard room features.

On Site Dining:

Since the Stratosphere Las Vegas is known for its great heights, the food experience has to live up to this expectation. Top of the World is the perfect way to indulge in delicious eclectic cuisine while seeing the entire city of Las Vegas from your table.

You can also enjoy casual dining at Roxy’s Diner which offers classic American favorites in a comfortable coffee shop / diner atmosphere. This is a good place to feed some hungry stomachs as they have a wide selection of mouth-watering burgers, sandwiches and shakes. You will definitely delight on your meal while enjoying live entertainment from the Roxy’s crew.

Of course you shouldn’t miss out the Buffet at the Stratosphere where there is something for everyone. No one leaves the Sin City without a traditional dining experience where food is simply too much too eat. The delicious Buffet at the Stratosphere offers crowd favorites from classic all-American dishes like pizza, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese to International selections including Swedish meatballs, fish and chips and Chow Mein. The dessert selection has mouthwatering cakes and pastries but has also something to offer to weight watchers with their sugar-free desserts.

The hotel might be distant from other Sin City attractions but you will not regret staying at the Stratosphere as it provides you a calm and relaxing ambiance after a whole day of activities and a whole night of partying. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy great heights, great food and great attractions, Stratosphere Las Vegas is a great choice for your trip.

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Five Days in London – A Guide

Five Days in London – A Guide

What makes London a favorite holiday among people across the world? The answer is probably too many to mention as tourists have many different reasons why they love traveling to the capital of England. For a fact, London is one world renowned tourist attraction as the city has numerous things to offer. There are various activities that one can do and there is something for everyone. London is a perfect place to travel alone, travel as a couple or travel as a group or family as there are different amenities that can be enjoyed by any age group. London itself is a complete city so you really do not need to go anywhere because you will surely find something that would interest you.

Other cities no matter how popular they may be have lesser options in terms of activities that can be enjoyed there, unlike London which is an all in one package where traveling is as easy as it gets. There is innumerable range of activities; so if you think of, it is there for you. The city has numerous architectural masterpieces, natural parks, lots of shopping options, world class restaurants, and last but not the least theme parks, museums etc. The city is even a perfect honeymoon destination or can be an awesome party experience with your friends. London is a big place to explore and so many activities can be done but sometimes one does have the luxury of time. You cannot explore the whole of London in one day, but if you happen to have a week to spare, you can try this itinerary where you will see all the major sights and enjoy a day in Greenwich.

The first day of your will trip is of course for traveling to London and if you happen to come from the other part of the globe, you might as well allocate one whole day for traveling alone. This day will also include check-in at the hotel and setting up your things. If you have the reserved energy you can walk around your hotel area, grab a bite and familiarize yourself with the life in London. But take note that the next day will be the start of your London adventure.

Your second day in London is the first day to actually see and enjoy London so you might as well sleep early the previous night so that you can get up early and start your day at Trafalgar Square. This area is the perfect starting point for your day as the nearby attractions are in walking distance.  The Trafalgar Square is home to Nelson’s Column and you can stay in this area or walk up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace. At around 10AM you might want to be ready for the must see attraction which is the Changing of the Guard that will start at 11:15AM. After the parade head off towards the restaurant in the St. James Park and fill your hungry stomach. You can explore the park until the Horse Guards Parade, have your picture taken in the Whitehall, walk until your reach Parliament Square or see Big Ben. You can end your day at Westminster Abbey or ride London Eye which has a long line queue so better be 30 minutes to an hour early.

Day three in London is more relaxed by starting the day at Tower Bridge where you can take pictures or see the exhibition inside. You can spend the whole morning at the Tower of London which has a much better exhibition including the Crown Jewels. After visiting the Tower of London you can ride the bus to take you to St. Paul’s Churchyard where the St. Paul’s Cathedral is located and attend the recommended service around 5 PM to 6 PM. If you do not want to attend the service, you can take another bus to the Covet Garden where plenty of dining choices are available alongside street entertainment and just a couple of minutes walk to the cinema where you could relax a watch a blockbuster.

The Day Four activities will be devoted to appreciation of the arts, history and culture. Start by riding the train to South Kensington and then have your pick from any of the three museums. All three museums are free so might want to choose something that will interest you most. The Natural History Museum is full of replicas of animals from all over the world dating even up to pre-historic times. The Science Museum will interest anyone with technology and development and there’s an IMAX cinema inside. The third museum is The Victoria & Albert Museum which explores the history of art and design but this might be boring for some age groups. Since you will not probably spend anything on any of the museums, you will have enough cash to shop at Harrods and allow yourself to splurge on some shopping and food.

Your fifth day in London is again relaxing because you can take a boat trip to Greenwich. The ride will take about an hour and will show you the best views of The City. You will pass by some of the attractions that you have already visited earlier the week. Once in Greenwich, you have different activity options so better choose only those that interest you. There is the famous old CuttySark clipper ship, the National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College. For lunch, you can walk into the historic town centre where there are plenty of traditional old pubs and tea rooms. After lunch you can take a hassle-free stroll at Greenwich Park for some fantastic views of the London skyline. Anyone interested in astronomy will enjoy at the Royal Observatory with a large planetarium catering several shows a day.

The sixth day will be your last day to enjoy London so better do not miss out seeing the British Museum with exhibits from ancient Egypt, Greece, Italy, Africa and the Orient, including colossal works by the Romans, Greeks and Persians. The museum tour only takes about 2 hours so you have enough time to spend on shopping. The Oxford Street is the best area to buy gifts, souvenirs for family and friends back home. You should also head off towards Regent Street which has more upmarket stores and just near the Piccadilly Circus. You trip to London will not be complete without a photo of yourself standing underneath the Eros fountain.

Just as the first day, your seventh day in London will be for traveling and this is where your week long London vacation ends. During this time, you surely have new memories to bring back home and share with your loved ones.

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Hotel Information – Flamingo Las Vegas

Hotel Information – Flamingo Las Vegas

When defining classic and elegance in the Las Vegas Strip, the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel perfectly fits the description. Featuring it’s pink and orange facade, the hotel brings a lot of history with its name. Set on the famous four corners of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road, this Las Vegas hotel delights guests by featuring tropical Wildlife Habitat, a 15-acre Caribbean style water playground, their world famous Flamingo casino centre and many more.

Activities and Accommodations

Rooms and Suites – Stylish décor meets simple luxury with splashes of signature Flamingo pink and wood-toned floors and furnishings, guests have no problem settling in and relaxing after the travel. Featuring newly renovated rooms of the Fab Deluxe, the GO guest rooms will dazzle guests with their sleek, modern furniture and digital accessories. If you are fond of bringing your pet along for the trip you’ll be pleased to find out that the hotel also of pet friendly rooms at the PetStay Deluxe. The Flamingo Go Mini Suite features over 550 square feet of breathing space with comfortable and complete amenities. The Neopolitan Suite will astound you with 700 square feet, sleek, modern furniture and a living area which is decorated with magenta-pink accents and pink, brown and white striped wallpaper, each suite exudes a fun, whimsical feel.

Weddings – Depending on your preference, choose from six different venues for your memorable occasion, wedding chapels are uniquely situated on a 15 acre garden paradise. The tropical garden chapels, complete with wildlife, swaying palms and lush gardens guarantee an everlasting memory for that special day.

Casino Games – Discover the relaxed aura of the place amidst the high energy Las Vegas Strip at this 15,000 square foot casino and bar inside the hotel, the fun and energy never ceases at the hotel, gamers will be entertained with more than 1,600 slot machines, table games, a poker room and a giant race and sports book and many more so try your luck and be fortunate to become the next big winner.

Restaurants and Dining Options – From mouthwatering steaks, seafood dishes, sumptuous buffets and also savor the international flavors of other countries. Flamingo puts together a wide array of dining options where each choice is sure to satisfy your expectations and aims to surpass it.  The Center Cut Steakhouse, Hamada of Japan, Paradise Garden Buffet, Margaritaville, Carlos ‘N Charlies and many more.

The Go Pool and Beach Club Pool

The Beach Club offers Las Vegas pool guests a family-friendly environment for all to enjoy while soaking up the sun and the lush Flamingo Las Vegas habitat. The GO Pool offers a lively pool party experience with live DJs, games and contests daily, and a friendly Las Vegas pool environment.

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Caesars Palace – Hotel Information

Caesars Palace – Hotel Information

Live in a palace and feel like a Caesar in your own kingdom during your visit to the famous Las Vegas Strip. Highly regarded as one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel experience has excitement and energy throughout the palace with amazing accommodations that feature unique designs and architecture topped off with complete amenities, world class shows and entertainment that feature famous artists, enjoy your favorite casino games and much more.

Settle in at Caesars Featured Rooms and Suites, all the rooms a carefully designed to inspire any guest by bringing world wide designs to Vegas, it’s sure to be a relaxing experience at some of the featured accommodations to choose from:
The Laurel Collection – Get a taste of luxury relaxation rooms featuring unique, personal touches that include a private valet entrance, an exclusive registration and a dedicated service staff devoted to creating individualized and expedited service. Amenities include white duvets sheets, plush pillow top king bed mattresses, a work desk, sitting area with sofa, mini bar and Jacuzzi Spa Bathtub. Room rates start at $159 per night.
The Hakone Suite – Flourish in your own suite featuring 1,000 square feet of space to kick in and relax, sleek furnishings and bold berry and gold accents, the suite includes a separate dining and living spaces, drawing inspiration from Fuki-Hakone National Park, this luxe Las Vegas suite brings the feel of Japan to the heart of the Strip. Guests get to enjoy exclusive Nobu amenities like scented sleep oils, VIP hotel service and priority seating to Nobu restaurant.

The Nobu Penthouse – Placed in the elegant Nobu hotel, the Penthouse Suite is the biggest of the Nobu suites featuring 2,200 – 4,350 square feet of room. The suite boasts a unique designed staircase with a terrace on the second floor and beautiful furnishings like leather sofas.The Japanese-inspired suite includes a 90-inch flat screen, billiard table and a separate dining area. Amenities include Nobu’s signature hot tea welcome amenity served in-room upon arrival, Deluxe bath amenities by Natura Bisse, luxurious Filo Doro linens,turndown service with exclusive pillow and bath menus and Nobu-scented sleep oils and many more.

Gaming, Entertainment and Dining Options:
Casino Games – Caesars Palace’s casino brings all the Las Vegas excitement in its ancient Roman setting, your favorite games are only a short walking distance from your hotel room featuring slot machines, table games, card games, race and sports, special events and other promotions.

Shows –  Caesars Palace headlines the biggest names in entertainment by showcasing talents with a variety of concerts from world renowned celebs, comedy acts brought to you by only the best and many other different categories.

Restaurants – Do more than just satisfying your appetite, the Caesars Palace restaurants feature the best cuisines and dining options in the world, from the Bacchannal Buffet that  features more than 500 items prepared by a team of master chefs in nine globally-inspired open kitchens, Nobu where you can enjoy the unique Japanese cuisine, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is a 290 seat restaurant bringing you an authentic English pub experience, Old Homestead Steakhouse where you can enjoy the quality steakhouse selections and legendary history of New York.

electrifying music, dance, and comedy entertainment in its Las Vegas show offerings

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