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Raffaello D’Andrea’s Masterful TED Presentation In Vancouver

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in News | 0 comments

During a recent TED Talk, drones Canada quite literally assumed center stage. Talented Raffaello D’Andrea, a noted expert in the developing technology of airborne robotics, thrilled audiences with a flamboyant presentation highlighting the capabilities of tiny flying machines. He displayed several impressive research models.

The craft on display ranged from a “tailsitter” hovering proto-aircraft to two single-propeller driven “monospinners”. The delighted gathering reacted in amazement when the speaker showed everyone a symmetrical cube enclosing eight linked propellers. This complex “omnicopter” drone possesses the ability to fly through space in any direction and to tip and hover at all angles. Raffaello D’Andrea concluded his presentation with a stunning example of the artistic potential of a fleet of tiny mini drones to use space as a canvas for exercises showcasing illuminated flying sculptures and shifting patterns. His TED Talk earned resounding applause.

A Lucrative Industry

Dr. D’Andrea told the audience that very soon, the developing drone field will give birth to a multi-billion dollar industry, as human beings embrace the potential capabilities of drones more fully. In the beginning of his discussion, a TED presentation delivered in Vancouver, he showed brief video clips of drones assembling a structure and cooperating to wind cords together. He noted that these machines, which once appealed mainly to hobbyists, currently also attract the interest of journalists, environmentalists, inspectors and film industry photographers.

Based on his discussion, Canadian viewers should anticipate a variety of serious drone applications gaining wider attention during the next decade. Dr. D’Andrea did not discuss potential applications of the new technology in detail. Yet viewers can easily envision many practical uses for drones based on his demonstration.

New Venues

As the capacity of drones to enhance safety and safeguard environmental resources grows clearer, perhaps these flying machines will soon perform a wide array of useful tasks in Canada. Some constructive potential applications include:

These, and many more, intriguing uses of drones will likely gain wider popularity in the near future.

Prepare For Changes

Canada’s nascent drone industry holds great potential to transform many fields during the next few years. Already, this new industry presents tantalizing prospects for important innovations.


Here’s a the full video:

Drones in the presentation are provided by Dr. Drone

Things To Consider Before Hiring An Office Cleaning Service

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in News | 0 comments


As a business owner, there are certain jobs and tasks you must handle to keep your office in good condition. Not only should the office be clean for you and your employees, but a clean, good looking office will make a good impression on clients that come to visit. For these reasons, you must keep your office clean and fresh. While you could clean the office yourself, you need to focus your attention on your business and clients. This is when a cleaning company that provides office cleaning Vancouver services comes in handy.

A cleaning company that provides excellent and professional office cleaning services can keep your office looking its best. When you hire the help of a professional cleaning company to clean and maintain your business’ office, you can be confident that your office will always be clean and look professional. A clean office is a reflection of a responsible and professional business. Because of this, a cleaning company can perform all the jobs that keep your office looking great. Before you hire a cleaning company, though, you are going to need to do your research. Not all cleaning companies are the same, and you’ll want to hire one that provides superior customer satisfaction. In order for you to find the best cleaning company, here are some helpful tips.

Do You Research

Never go to the phone book and choose the first cleaning company you come across. While this may be simple, you won’t necessarily be getting a good cleaning company. Instead, use the internet. The internet makes it easy for you to research different cleaning companies so you can easily find the right one for your specific needs.

Ask For Certifications And Experience

Once you have chosen a cleaning company, you must interview them. Ask the company about their certifications and experience. Have them show you proof of their cleaning credentials. The best cleaning companies will be happy to give you this information.

Check For Insurance

You never want to hire an uninsured cleaning company. Any legitimate and professional cleaning company will have insurance, and those are the ones you want to hire to clean your office. No insurance, no office cleaning job.

Thoroughly Analyze Contract

Once your chosen cleaning company has satisfied you with their answers to your questions, you are going to have to sign a contract. When you do, make sure that your thoroughly understand everything that is written on it. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting from this cleaning company. People have been known to have issues with their chosen cleaning company because of not reading the contract.

There are a lot of jobs and responsibilities that go along with being a business owner. One of those important responsibilities is keeping the office looking good and feeling clean. Since you do not have time to clean the office yourself, why not hire an office cleaning company? An office cleaning company will keep your office in its best condition so that you, your employees, and all your clients and visitors can enjoy an organized and well kept office. With the help of an office cleaning company, your office will exude an aura or true professionalism.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Vancouver

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Community | 0 comments

Medical marijuana simply means the use of cannabis, either the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or some of its essential extracts to treat disease or improve symptoms. The marijuana plant is not approved as a medicine, but there is limited evidence showing that it can help in treating a range of illnesses. It can treat chronic pain and muscles spasms as well as increase appetite for patients with HIV/AIDS and reduce vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy. So far, scientists have not conducted enough research to determine whether these benefits of marijuana outweigh its side effects and risks in patients.

Medical marijuana retailers and dispensaries are illegal in most parts of the world, but there are major cities now starting to regulate these retailers with licensing agreements. Since 2014, the City of Vancouver has allowed the retailers, producers, and processors to operate after obtaining licenses from the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB). There are several retailers in the city, each required to pay a $30,000 license fee.

State licensing requirements

• The marijuana facilities should be located at least 1000 feet from the nearest school, playground, library or park.
• The prospective owners have to undergo a criminal and background check to ensure their intentions are legitimate.
• Full cooperation with security, operational, advertising, labeling, transportation and any other requirement.
• Adults can purchase up to an ounce of cannabis from the retailers, but can only consume it on a private non-commercial property away from the public glare.
• The sale of edibles, like pot brownies or cookies, is prohibited.

Standard requirements

• Before construction, the owner should have an updated license, a building permit, site plan or any other approvals.
• The facility should be indoors only.
• The retail facility should be located in the Community and General Commercial zones only, and a minimum of 300 feet from the each other.
• Marijuana products and any valuables or cash to be stored in a secured safe.
• Adherence to a closing time, which is at 11 pm.
• Compliance with state standards, especially being at least 1000 feet from children’s facilities and recreational sites.
• Production and processing facilities should be located in the Light and Heavy Industrial zones only.

Under the provincial laws, individual medically authorized users or growers are not prohibited from possessing or growing small amounts of marijuana. In fact, the sick can grow their marijuana as long as they do not consume it in public or in front of a minor.
There are significant strides towards the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. The number of licensed recreational marijuana retailers keeps increasing, and some new incentives and laws are softer on the retailers. Thus, more patients can access the medical marijuana and get treated.

How to Avoid Bad Moving Companies In Vancouver

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Advice/Tips, Living | 0 comments

People move for a variety of reasons, but in the final analysis, all these reasons can be reduced to two: they either want to move or have to move.

How the process is approached depends on how much advance notice those moving have received. Those who are compelled to move for some reason, such as relocation for a job or because a lease is expiring and the landlord does not wish to renew it, sometimes have to get organized quickly and make a substantial series of rapid decisions based on the best information available to them at the time these decisions are necessary.

People in this scenario can be vulnerable to unscrupulous movers. An easy tip off that you may be dealing with one of these is if you perceive any pressure from the movers to commit immediately. If you start hearing phrases such as, “We’re very busy on that date, you need to let us know right away or you may not be able to find a mover,” or anything that feels like pressure of any sort, eliminate that mover from consideration.

Moving companies know, and have known for a long time, that most moves take place at the beginning or the end of the month and around long weekends. More people move during the summer months than during any other time of the year, for both climatic and educational reasons. Just as retail stores and companies like FedX and UPS know they will be busier around Christmas, moving companies are familiar with the peaks and valleys of the demand for their services. They simply hire more manpower at these times, frequently from temporary employment agencies. They can also rent additional moving trucks with little effort.

A reputable mover in Vancouver will start out by asking you for some basic information: when you need to move, what is being moved, and when the new location will be available. They will also offer to do an on-site estimate of the origin and destination of the move. Telephone and online estimates can be useful, but nothing beats the feet on the ground approach when it comes to making sure that such details as overhead clearance for moving trucks or weight restrictions on roads that could lead to a costly mistake.

They will also take the time to advise you regarding the desired level of service. Some moves involve the moving party simply leaving one place and showing up at the next; others have the moving party involved in planning and packing and others use the moving company’s services for only heavy and bulky items.

Avoid movers who do not allow you the flexibility to determine the parameters for your own move.

The moving process becomes much less stressful when more advance notice of an impending move is available. For example, if you are selling one house close to the end of the month and taking possession of a new one toward the beginning of that same month, you have the luxury of time to compare moving company estimates and make some decisions regarding items that have long outlived their usefulness and can be discarded. You also can negotiate for a rate reduction, since the movers will not be in as high a demand as they would otherwise be during the peak times mentioned earlier.

Economic Benefits of Tourism

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Advice/Tips, Community, Events, Living, Travel | 0 comments

The city of Vancouver, like most major cities in the world, has experienced a rapid expansion in the growth of jobs involving computer technology. Tourism has likewise contributed to the growth of other industries like the restaurants, hotels, touring services and car rentals. The city has been praised for the excellent service of their public transportation system, including the airport which makes the place an easy favorite among tourist destinations.

The major sites in the city include Stanley Park which opened in the 1900s. The park was named after the Governor General of Canada at the time, Lord Stanley. It is one of the most famous parks in the country and is a great place to view nature at its finest. There are trails that go all over the area which is suitable for walking, cycling, running and rollerblading. Beaver Lake is a natural water form that can be found near the center of the park.

The park features a lot of sites for family activities like picnic areas, playgrounds, trains, an outdoor pool and a water park. A seawall borders one perimeter of the park while the Rose Garden which houses around 3500 varieties of roses and other ornamental plants, can be found near a historic building, the Pavilion. The beauty of city parks lies in their accessibility – it gives you a chance to cool down and unwind after experiencing the hurried energy of the city. While summer is considered the best time to explore the park, the place is so beautiful that tourists frequent  it the whole year round.

There are also a lot of museums and galleries that are worth visiting while in the area just like the Vancouver Art Gallery and Scienceworld. With all these places of interest, it’s no surprise that the city ranks high in the list of the best places to live in the world. The fair climate and great surrounding makes the living conditions superior than other major cities. Experts have consistently recognized it  as a great choice to live in because it nurtures linguistic and ethnic diversity. It also presents a good opportunity for new businesses to thrive in and maintains impressive standards in housing and education.

Discovering the Sights and Sounds of Vancouver

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Advice/Tips, Community, Events, Travel | 0 comments

There are a lot of sights and places to visit in Vancouver. It is a place that offers diverse opportunities for both outdoor and urban activities. On one hand, the rugged terrain and great landscape beckons to individuals who enjoy the outdoors and on the other, cosmopolitan adventure awaits those who enjoy city life. Fine dining restaurants, shopping outlets, galleries, museums and theatres abound in different places.

There are markets to shop in the whole year round just like Granville Island’s public market with its impressive display of abundant fresh produce, baked goods, seafood and meat products. The island is a pleasant place to visit and has a lot of small novelty shops that sell unique items and other memorabilia.

Guests can take in the Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park. It is now home to around 70,000 amazing sea creatures that can be found in the planet. There are side shows that feature beluga whales, sea lions and otters, and dolphins. Children will enjoy the sight of moon jellies, sea turtles, octopus, sharks and moray eels.

Spending time outdoors is just as enjoyable with camping trips to book, mountain trails to take on, and private spas and wellness clubs to discover. A must-experience is the Capilano Suspension Bridge which stretches to 450 feet high above a canyon and a river. After crossing the bridge, you can take in the thriving forest that surrounds the area and check out a number of other suspension bridges in the Treetops Adventure. Another great natural attraction is Grouse Mountain which is just a few minutes away from the downtown area.

Any of these places and activities will make you realize that the trip is definitely worth it. There are lots more treasures that you’ll stumble on as you make your way around the city. You can ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages that go around Stanley Park. The park has trails that are great for cycling, hiking, and rollerblading. Bicycle rentals along with helmets and locks are located all over the place. If you want a more relaxing time, you can book a trip with Harbour Cruises to experience sightseeing from a unique vantage point.